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The Future Internet Assembly was held in Ghent, Belgium on December 16-17th, 2010 as part of the Future Internet conference week. More information is available through the Future Internet assembly site and at Two sessions related to trust and security were held during FIA Ghent organised by the trust and identity "caretakers", Nick Wainwright, Volkmar Lotz, Jim Clarke, Michel Riguidel, with inputs from other areas caretakers and researchers, namely: Demosthenes Ikonomou, Roger Torrenti, Peter Stollenmayer, Peter Ljungstrand and Magnus Eriksson have developed two sessions for FIA Ghent.

The first session was entitled Privacy and Citizenship addressing the relationships between the involved technologies and the relevant stakeholders (citizens) to ensure that privacy is addressed as fundamental to the Future Internet as an aspect of maintaining the digital rights, dignity and sovereignty of the citizen.

The second session was entitled Can the cloud be trusted addressing trust and security in the context of cloud computing, since the cloud is one of the first available, commercialised and widely used manifestations of Future Internet principles that are being developed.

Some of the written materials related to the sessions can be found here.

Privacy and Citizenship session description

Caretakers report on the Privacy and Citizenship session

Can the cloud be trusted session description

Caretakers report on the Can the Cloud be trusted session

Note: These are the FIA Trust and security caretakers reports and an official FIA Ghent report will also be available soon at the main FIA Ghent web site

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