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Under the new structure of the FIA, "Trust & Security" is a working group of the Future Internet Assembly (FIA). This wiki has been created to support and display the work of the working group, which is tightly coupled with the work of the Effectsplus coordination action project.


[edit] Rationale

The draft report of the DG INFSO Task Force on Interdisciplinary Research Activities applicable to the Future Internet identified “Federated, Open, Trusted Platforms (F-O-T Platforms)” as a key concept to enable smart applications and services in a Future Internet and placed ‘Trust’ at the heart of the Future Internet roadmap. A group of caretakers related to Trust and Security has been a core group of FIA since the first assembly in Bled in 2008. They have been engaged as session organisers along with the community across research domains, exploring and articulating challenges and scenarios for the future mainly from a trust/privacy/identity perspective. This has led to a series of productive discussions and informative talks at all of the FIA events and is planned to continue in a more coordinated way in the new structure of FIA What is FIA.pdf.

[edit] Goals and Objectives

The overall goal of the Trust and Security working group is to coordinate the engagement of projects related to trust and security challenges for the Future Internet to provide interaction with the other research domains of FIA. This coordination will be carried out via the Effectsplus coordination action project . The following summarises the objectives of the Trust and Security WG:

• To continue the good work already started with a view to monitor and expand as needed on the areas of coverage not already covered; for example, towards areas related to security (protection against attacks, cyberdefences, ….);

• Engage the Trust and Security research community actively in FIA to identify key research challenges and articulate future roadmaps to address them, ie. providing the link between the trust and security areas with the FISA roadmapping working group;

• Work bilaterally with each of the other FIA domains (Networks, Real World Internet, Services, IoT, Content, …) to identify shared challenges and to create joint roadmaps for building a trusted and secure Future Internet in which trust and security enable new services in many different domains.

[edit] Results

Results will be composed of assisting in the proposing and/or development of results- oriented sessions and follow up for FIA and/or workshops related to trust and security in the Future Internet.

[edit] How to get involved

The Trust and Security WG welcomes and encourages the participation of new members. The composition of the WG structure is currently being worked on by the Effectsplus project. The WG will be based on clustering of activities related to trust and security. Please contact the coordinator Frances Cleary <> if you would like to participate to the Trust and Security WG.


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